About Mamaia

About Mamaia Resort


Mamaia resort is located in the north of the Romanian coast and has a privileged position. It is attached to the Constanța municipality and separates the Siutghiol lake from the Black Sea. The resort enjoys a 7 km long beach, a beach that continues north with another 6 km on the territory of Năvodari city.

To the north, the Mamaia resort is adjacent to the city and once to the Năvodari resort, and to the south is the city of Constanța. On the Black Sea shore, there are also the following resorts, Eforie Sud, Neptune, Venus, Costinesti, Olympus, Jupiter, Saturn.

Lake Siutghiol is also an important point for Mamaia. In the west of the resort, it stretches 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. Near the town of Ovidiu, there is a small island, named Ovidiu whereon it is also located a restaurant. Water sports such as water skiing or yachting are practiced on its surface.

Access to the resort can be done both from the city of Constanța, the Constanța Boulevard being the main traffic artery that crosses the entire resort but also from the city of Năvodari crossing the Mamaia Nord Boulevard. About 30 km separates the station from the Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport.


Mamaia is built on a shoreline between the Black Sea and the liman called Siutghiol. This beam has a length of 8 km, and a width of only 300 m. The beach is very long, has a width of up to 250 m, and is covered with very fine sand, mineral part, conchiferous part.

Flora and fauna

Flora and fauna are very little diversified in species. There are the dobrogenic steppes, the bush and the water plants and some forests of oak, willow, and poplar. The fauna is mainly specific to the maritime and river areas, being mostly fish fauna.


The marine climate in the resort comes with an annual average temperature exceeding 11 ° C (in July the average temperature is higher than 22 ° C, and in January it is 0 ° C), and precipitation is low (around 400 mm per year).

In summer, the sky is always clear and the sun shines 10-12 hours a day. The sea breeze constantly refreshes the hot air. The natural cure factors are marine climate, saline aerosols, solar radiation, and seawater, which is chlorinated, sulfated, sodium, magnesian, hypotonic.


Mamaia, north of the current resort, was originally a typical coastal Dobrogean village, with Greek and Lipovan fishermen, Romanian sheep and Tatar horse breeders, the name coming from a Tatar owner of the place from the time of Turkish rule, named Mamaia.

The current location of Mamaia was not built until 1906, when the first wooden cabins were assembled under two Pavilions, finished with a curb, and a bridge that advanced into the sea. Following the extension of the port to the existing beaches in the south of Constanta and the "sea baths" were moved to the north in the current Mamaia. tourists access to Mamaia (more precisely to what is now the Mamaia Casino area), between the Constanța railway station and the resort, a railway line is mounted on the busy route today is Mamaia Boulevard. This railway disappeared in the 1960s.

With a capacity of over 20,000 accommodation places, the resort opened in 1906, now has over 60 hotels. Mamaia has become the most important holiday destination for tourists in Romania and beyond, being the resort on the Romanian coast with the largest number of tourists. Designed for family vacations, in the Mamaia resort tourists have tennis courts and mini-golf, open-air cinema and theater, which annually hosts the National Music Festival “Mamaia

Objectives of interest

The main points of interest of Mamaia are the beaches with their fine sand, the clubs that organize parties both day and night, the Holiday Village, the Aqua Magic Amusement Park and the cable car that takes you above the resort. See more details here.