- accommodation offers at the units in Mamaia resort

The website offers you a complete guide to the most important accommodation units in Mamaia resort and its surroundings. Starting from the needs of tourists but also those of the owners, we offer the former a platform with accurate data of the places of accommodation in the resort, and the latter we provide to the units a place through which they can communicate directly with their customers.

Here you can find the accommodation offer that suits you. You have the possibility to search different spaces according to several criteria:

  • type of unit (hotels, guesthouses, villas or hotel accommodation);
  • area (accommodation in the city center, in different neighborhoods of the city or places of interest);
  • distance from tourist objectives, commercial spaces, business buildings;
  • positioning in relation to other points on the interactive map;
  • number of stars and classification
  • price;
  • rating;
  • other relevant filters.

Important areas of the city available as site filters include the following:

  • Mamaia Center
  • Mamaia entrance
  • Mamaia North;
  • Mamaia Village;
  • Exit to Năvodari; is the place to find offers from pensions in Mamaia, hotels in Mamaia or apartments for rent in a hotel regime in the areas of interest.

More information about the points of interest of the city of Mamaia can be found in the section Objectives of interest.